History of Union Ridge School District

Union Ridge School, originally known as the Smith Schoolhouse, began educating children from surrounding communities in 1876.  Beginning as a single room schoolhouse built on the Smith family’s farm, its first teacher, Miss Kittie Smith, conducted lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic for her class of fifteen students.

The original school burned down in 1929, resulting in an eight-classroom brick building taking its place to accommodate the rapidly growing community. Student population increased dramatically during the 1950’s and 1960’s making it necessary to add onto the building for new classrooms, meeting rooms, and office space. The latest addition took place in 1969 when enrollment topped 500 students. Today’s student enrollment continues to grow as we welcome new generations of young families to our communities. 

Miss Kittie Smith would be amazed to learn that her little schoolhouse has evolved over the last 140 years into a nationally recognized, Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, known as Union Ridge.  Union Ridge School has weathered its share of changes and challenges over the years,however;the strong commitment by its Board of Education, administration, faculty, and staff to provide the highest quality education possible to the children of its communities remains steadfast as ever.  



URS Quick Facts:

Established:   1876
Type: Public Elementary
Grades:  PreK - 8
Enrollment:  646
Average Class Size: 21
Total Teacher FTE: 45
Teacher Experience: 18
% Teachers Masters: 73%
Student/Teacher Ratio: 16
Per Pupil Expenditure: $11,216