Arrival and Dismissal at Union Ridge School

August 5, 2017

Arrival and Dismissal at Union Ridge School

Traffic Safety (as written in the Student Handbook)

No Parking Areas

Parking or waiting is prohibited along Cassata Lane and Oak Park Avenue, as specified by signs. Street parking is available west of the school building on Cassata Lane or in the lot directly across the street from the school on Cassata Lane and Oak Park Avenue. Police will be enforcing posted regulations from the start of the school year. Do not park in the student drop-off area immediately in front of the building.  The parking lot behind the building on Oak Park Avenue is reserved for staff members only.

Student Drop-Off Lane

Students may be dropped off or picked up in the lane directly in front of the school building on Cassata Lane. Vehicles will be permitted to stop only to drop off students or pick them up in this lane and immediately move on. No parking or waiting is permitted in this zone. Vehicles are not to stop and wait for students. If students are not present, circle around again.
School Bus Zone Only school buses are permitted to park directly in front of the school. Please do not attempt to park in the bus zone at any time on school days.

Crossing Cassata Lane

Students will be directed to cross Cassata Lane at the intersection of Cassata and Newcastle only. Please instruct your children to cross only at this corner where they are protected by stop signs and a crossing guard. School personnel and crossing guards will not permit children to cross the street except at this intersection.

Early Childhood/Kindergarten

Parents of early childhood or kindergarten students using the drive-through, pick-up area are referred to regulations in the Early Childhood/Kindergarten Parent Handbook.


Please check our "Arrival & Dismissal Procedures" page here.