Owl Pellet Dissection, Grade 6. Mrs. Richardson's science classes 2017

April 24, 2017


"What if I told you that we handled animal vomit?" (I’ll wait for your reaction...) "Well, it wasn’t exactly animal vomit, but it was close, and we had a mountain of fun in science class this month. To reconstruct (model), chart, and graph the type of animals eaten by owls, students observed, analyzed, identified, and classified animal bones, teeth, feathers, insects, etc.
By examining owl pellets, students were able to map the whereabouts of certain species, identify predator-prey relationships, and learn about the ecosystems that are suitable for owls to live and thrive.
As you can see, the experience was slightly mysterious, absolutely gross, and an awesomely engaging way to learn about science. This “scientific inquiry” stuff is an awesome way to teach science. “Bravo Grade 6, Class of 2019”